Need to create objects ?

Private individual, Start-up, merchants, liberals or freelancers, We have a solution adapted to your needs: Modeling, object digitization, prototyping and production of finished objects ... Contact us!

A know-how at your disposal

Thanks to their technical, commercial, innovative and proactive vision, Our designers accompany you to give life to your projects. All our products are manufactured in the Paris region: our mastery of the whole creation chain guarantees the best price and delivery times.

At the service of architecture and urban planning

As part of an event organized by The Ascott Limited, we were commissioned to produce two models in the 100th of two luxurious Parisian hotel residences. From photos on site, we have modeled and printed these two buildings in 3D. In parallel, we are able to realize large models such as that of the station of Mantes la Jolie for the SNCF.

A know how for start up company

Because your (and our!) Imagination has no limit, GREAPZ realizes and prints on request all types of products. No stock: each of our customers is unique! Here, the example of a company that trusted us from the beginning of the adventure

PAC wanted to customize the buttons of its pantyhose bag. The services of GREAPZ have allowed the realization of creative, inexpensive pieces and Made in France! With maximum flexibility PAC buys its buttons according to its needs and receives them within 24 hours!

"It is thanks to you that I was able to finalize my model and make it a product marketable. Your reaction and creative abilities are a real plus when you get started and the mastodons in the industry are inaccessible. You work fast, you have ideas, you master perfectly this technology and in terms of tariffs it is accessible for an individual or a startup like PAC. I have only one thing to add: We continue the Adventure, and Thank you!"


Printing of objects of any kind

GREAPZ offers its expertise in the printing of objects of all kinds

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