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Learn how to make your ideas real !

Contrary to popular belief, 3D modeling is reachable to everyone. No knowledge in graphic design, drawing or other is required!
So we've put together some thematic, clear and short videos to get you under control. Modeling quickly and easily!

  • Découper un STL
  • Réparer un STL
  • Présentation de Netfabb
  • Exporter en STL
  • Connecter une Ramps 1.4
  • Assembler un extruder mk8
  • Souder un capteur End-Stop
  • Réaliser plusieurs épissure
  • Souder un connecteur dupont
  • Créer un effet Voronoï
  • Créer une lithophanie
  • Extruder Un Dessin 2D

3D printing Universe

The revolution of the 3D printing is underway and it gets ready to change our world. This technology is today accessible to all. To better understand this new universe in constant evolution, we have prepared a series of infographics explaining the various 3D printing technologies. All this will have no secret to you.


GREAPZ accompanies you in all your creative projects: from modeling to realization of your parts.
Our services are personalized and we make every effort to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of the products and the relationships you maintain with our teams.


Custom-made support to bring to a successful conclusion the success of projects


Modeling and creation of all 3D printing needs


Development of technical solutions to solve your problems

Because we are convinced that projetcs are born of synergy betweew people, and that everyone is able to imagine a product and / or an innovative concept, we support this creative approach.

Our complete mastery of the value chain of 3D printing technology gives us the opportunity to evolve over projects.

GREAPZ is above all a multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts of "Do It Yourself" and new technologies. This team of engineers, designers and photographers and video editors puts all its know-how and skills to the benefit of 3D printing.

A team of partners :

Nicolas Duplan
CEO & Fondateur
Graduate of the engineering school of CESI
Masters degree in engineering & technology innovation
HE LIKES : Classic rock'n'blues, super heroes, hops, fishing, old mechanics, the ocean, NTIC, innovation, WD40, santias, Junior Woodchucks, cheese, retrieve stuff on the street.

Charles Boeffard
Associate & Project Manager
Graduate of Politecnic of Turin
Masters degree in Design
HE LIKES : The Rolling Stones, guitar playing, belote, Nino Ferrer, Mario Kart 64, oysters, pizza,To be in slippers, North by Northwest, the white noise of the water, to drink of the tomato juice, to ride bicycles.

Alexandre Martin
Associate & Media Manager
Graduate from EMC
Masters degree in video mastering
HE LIKES : Hard Rock music, science fiction, Michel Sardou, friends, coffee terraces, singing under the shower, tv series, océan, seafood, pieapple,  panoramas, video games.

Laurent Magnier
Associate & Financial Manager
Graduate from CNAM
Master degrees in  Financial and Accounting
HE LIKES : Tennis, butter shells, ancient history, la Compagnie Créole, organic coffee, shirts too unrestrained, the reflection of the pale light dawn on the misty summits.


In order to offer you the best services, we establish partnerships with 3D printing

  • Les Imprimantes 3D
  • Freelabster
  • 3Dnatives

They trust us

  • The Ascott Limited
  • Colas Rail
  • Storengy
  • SNCF
  • PAC

Restons connectés !


Greapz 💊💊 Quand les groupes pharmaceutiques utilisent l'impression 3D.. 💊💊 #lesaviezvous #impression3D #3dprint #3dprinting 2018-02-16T10:42:00+0000
Greapz 🎬⚡️NOUVELLE VIDEO⚡️🎬 Aujourd'hui, on voit comment bien souder un capteur "END STOP" pour éviter tout accident ‼️🔥 #impression3D #tuto #turoriel #electronique #endstop #reprap
[Tuto] – Souder un Capteur "END STOP" youtube.com Dans cette vidéo nous allons voir comment bien souder un capteur de fin e course "end stop".
Greapz Découvrez nos trois dernières imprimantes mis en vente sur greapz.com ici : https://goo.gl/945wH7 2018-02-12T15:32:00+0000
Greapz Voici notre dernière maquette grand format (85 cm de long) imprimée en 3D en seulement 3 jours!💪. Dites nous ce que vous en pensez . 2018-02-09T10:29:30+0000
Greapz 🎬⚡️Nouvelle vidéo⚡️🎬 [Tuto] - On assemble un extruder MK8 ✌🏼 Bon visionnage ‼️ #impression3D #tuto #turoriel #electronique #NEMA17 #reprap #MK8
[Tuto] – ASSEMBLER EXTRUDER MK8 youtube.com Dans cette vidéo nous allons voir comment assembler rapidement un extruder MK8.


J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "[Tuto] – Souder un Capteur "END STOP"" à l'adresse https://t.co/2XLSSEph8i.
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Les robots sont une nouvelle main d'oeuvre - Clique Dimanche du 11/02 - CANAL+" à l'adresse